Gold Price Per Gram

Price of gold per gram UK has been on the increase for almost the last two years. Gold prices have always seen an increase when the economies around the world are seen to doing poorly. Due to the current economic climate the price of gold per gram in the UK has been steadily climbing and has now reached a point where it’s worth selling your unwanted gold for some serious amount of cash.

Scrap gold prices today are based on the carat of the gold. But if your gold is badly damaged where it is hard to find the stamp, all you need to do is to use our free collection service for you to send the gold in to our specialists who can accurately valuate your gold and give you a fair price for your gold.

Scrap value of gold as mentioned above is based on the number carats the gold is. This is usually recognised by small stamps within the gold. But if they have been damaged we can run tests on the gold to find out the true value of the gold.